42nd Kalamazoo Valley CROP Hunger Walk

Walk. Give. Change the World.

The 42nd Kalamazoo Valley CROP Hunger Walk

was successful despite effects of one of the most rain-soaked weekends of 2017.
About 150 faithful and determined CROP Walk participants attended the event in spite of dire predictions of wet and stormy weather.
A weather window opened up at about noon, and continued through the sendoff and the 5K walk, until the event concluded at about 4 PM. April showers did not bring dampened spirits to Kalamazoo CROP Walkers.

Our volunteers collected $24,000 to provide food and services for needy people in our community and around the world.

If you were able to walk in spite of the weather, THANK YOU!
If you were unable to walk because of weather, we appreciate your efforts.
PLEASE take the next step by collecting and turning in all pledges. Every gift is important

Checks should be payable to CWS/CROP and turned in to:
Treasurer Doug Eplee (3027 Portage Street, Kalamazoo)
Westminster Presbyterian Church (1515 Helen Avenue Portage).

Thanks to all of our supporters for walking along side us this year, as we continue to choose to walk for one day in the footsteps of those who must walk everyday!
You are much appreciated, touching the lives of many people in need with God’s mercy and compassion.
Peace and joy until our paths cross again . . .
God’s Grace and gratitude,

Sincerely, The Kalamazoo Valley CROP Hunger Walk Leadership Team:
Rev. Dave Armstrong, Eileen Best, Tammy Clubb, Doug Eplee, Alan Griffin, Lana Harris, Rev. Lary Jackson, Tim Keith, Carolyn Pesheck, Meg Gernaat, Gretta Terrentine, Denise Washington,
and Susan Vincent.