CROP Worldwide

Church World Service , the sponsor of CROP Hunger Walks, has been working to relieve hunger and poverty throughout the world since 1946. CWS grew out of the needs of refugees who were left with nothing in the aftermath of WWII.
Now, 70 years later, the need for food, water, shelter, and disaster relief is still an overwhelming problem.
Today, disasters and political pressures have displaced entire populations. Drought, disease, and poverty cause hunger and hardship for people in many dry or under-developed areas, and food supplies are often far away from their communities.

Our world population is now over 7.3 billion people
and hunger affects 1 in 9 of them.

Women and children’s health is also an urgent need. Children without adequate nutrition often suffer lifelong health problems.
75% of the money raised by CROP Walks is used for world-wide relief.
CWS has developed programs in trouble spots around the world
to assist people in need of sustainable food
and to establish sources of clean water.

Typhoon Haiyan devastates The Philippines
Typhoon Haiyan devastates The Philippines

Your help is urgent for the health and safety
of disadvantaged people throughout the world.
Let us remember: There is enough for all