Our Mission

drought Church World Service programs, in dozens of countries from Bosnia to Haiti to Cambodia, provide people with food, safe water, employment, tools, blankets, health care and more.
Our local CROP Hunger Walk is one of more than 2,000 such walks nationwide, sponsored by Church World Service and supported by people from many different churches and other faith communities. As people of faith, our calling is not limited to only those human needs in close proximity. People of faith are called to a larger vision and care for all of God’s children.
It’s certainly true we have many needs here. But people throughout the world are hungry or insecure in their ability to provide food for themselves and their families. Many of those people live in regions or communities with far fewer resources than we have in our community. Sign Drought, war and natural disasters can wipe out the resources of whole regions. Rising food prices are creating difficulties for many here, but the impact is far greater for the poorest people in developing countries, some of whom spend 80 per cent of their income on food. Food security for all of the world’s people is necessary if we are going to move toward a more stable, just, and peaceful world. In a sense, this larger vision benefits all.
We would like everyone to know that every penny of the local portion of funds goes to local programs that feed people and help prevent hunger. Administrative costs are covered by separate funds which are donated by individuals, congregations and businesses. Church World Service provides us with promotional materials and significant planning help at no cost.

Last year’s walk collected about $24,000. This will mean about $6,000 for local agencies and about $18,000 for desperately poor families and communities in places like Sudan, Afghanistan and Guatemala.

We are extremely proud of the vision and commitment of the people who planned, walked and supported this effort, and of the enthusiasm of our partner agencies which will use the local portion of the funds. Thanks to all of you!

written by Pastors Janet Duggins and Don DeYoung